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The Edusphere story

  • Edusphere is a 4 layered learning methodology which empowers distance education. Edusphere is a capsule surrounding your distance education program to transform it into an outcome based education with world class learning experience.
  • In-short Edusphere converts your distance degree into a valued career asset.

Need for Edusphere?

  • Traditional distance education has its own limitation of only imparting education without much focus given to the flexibility and convenience to students and deep void of industry acceptance.
  • There is neither arrangement for progress check nor student hand-holding and in most cases there is no contact between the institute & the student.
  • It lacks focused holistic learning approach to make students industry ready. This led to huge gap between academia and industry.
  • Edusphere- a 4-layered learning methodology empowers the distance degree to make it in to valued career asset.

What is Edusphere?

  • As we know planet earth is surrounded by atmosphere, which is made up of layers like troposphere, stratosphere and so on. Each layer plays a vital role to nourish, nurture and protect to make life grow on earth.
  • Edusphere encapsulates distance education to add career driven values for students, which help students to earn a distance degree which enables them to overcome the void of distance education in comparison to campus based education.
  • Edusphere empowers the students with flexibility and quality to complete their higher education without compromising their professional career and personal life. Thus giving the students a true career valued asset for their professional growth.

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