Is Open BCA Degree as Good as A Conventional Degree

In the face of the global technological advancement and the ever-increasing demand for tech-savvy professionals with skills and knowledge in IT, computers, programming and web development, BCA has gained a foothold as a sought-after course among the youth in India. This is due to 2 reasons:

  1. Organizations are welcoming BCA graduates with open arms in their recruitment drives since organizations are now able to recognize that these graduates have strong skills in the different areas of IT, development and programming equal to engineering graduates. They are, accordingly, paying competitive salaries and perks to BCA graduates.
  2. Engineering with its high and often prohibitive fees, longer course duration decreasing jobs and lower salaries is offering lower ROI to students and in a country where higher education is often a distant dream for many, low ROI from education is a strong factor deterring admissions to such courses. In comparison, BCA courses provide higher ROI and are preferred by the youth.  Additionally, BCA is a course that can be taken by students from all streams provided they have Mathematics as a subject and pass the other eligibility criteria.

BCA courses are available in the different modes ranging from conventional on-campus to printed correspondence to online from well-reputed universities across the country. Is Open BCA Degree as Good as A Conventional Degree?

Yes. Here is how.

Top universities: These courses are offered by top-notch BCA open universities and prestigious educational institutions just like conventional BCA degree courses.

Comprehensive curriculum: The best BCA open university online courses have a comprehensive curriculum that delves into the depths of computer systems and computer applications. The participants get a strong foothold of the key functional areas and they will be well-prepared for an advanced career in computer application whether as programmers, developers, system engineers and system administrators.

Industry orientation: The best BCA open university courses are designed with an industry orientation and based on current industry requirements similar to conventional BCA courses and equip participants for a flourishing career in the IT, web development, software and programming.

Practical learning and skills: You may wonder if BCA open university courses will be able to provide lab time and practical training, considering how important practical application skills are for the IT and related technical fields. Yes, the best online BCA open university courses include lab work and project work and deliver these through the use of advanced technology.

Advanced pedagogy: Unlike printed correspondence courses, online BCA degrees make use of cutting-edge technology, advanced software and automation solutions to deliver live lectures through virtual classrooms, online student forums, digital library access, gamification, mobile apps, infographics, videos and other advanced pedagogical tools. This way they make learning effective and practically usable.

So, if you cannot uproot yourself due to social, economic, cultural or geographic reasons for education, but want to pursue a degree course that will help you fast-track career growth, enroll yourself in one of the best BCA online degrees.

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