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Course Conduction

The student would be provided with the hard copy of books/study material along with the login credentials of the Learning management system (LMS) .

The LMS would have semester wise buckets for subjects of the respective programs as enrolled.

Every subject would have 3 activities for the students to complete as follows

  • Access to Chapter Wise E-Book
  • Access to Chapter Wise Study Guide
  • Access to Chapter Wise Practise Test


After completing the above activities the student would get access to the subject wise assignments.

  • The students would have to complete their assignments and examinations for every subject of the program. There would be 2 or 3 assignments per subject which would be inform of MCQ (objective type questions).
  • The duration of every online assignment would be of 1 hour with 50 questions each of 2 marks each.
  • The student should score 40% in every assignment to pass in respective assignment. In case the student gets less than 40% marks in any assignment, the student should send a requisition through mail to our support team at support@voussm.edu.in mentioning their Enrolment Number, Subject Name, Assignment Number 1 or 2 which has to be reset.
  • The reset of assignment for requisition received would be done within 2 working days.
  • Assignment marks are considered in the final mark sheet generated by the university and assignment would have 30 percent weightage for the same while exams would have 70% weightage for final score card.
  • The university reserves the right to introduce subjective assignments at any point of time as it may be necessary for skill enhancement and evaluation process.

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  • Examinations are tentatively conducted between 15th – 30th January and July. Student can attempt examinations twice a year only.
  • The student can give backlog examination for previous semester if any, in the next exam cycle or with the fresh subjects of the subsequent semester.
  • The examination consists of objective type questions – the exam paper will contain 50 questions of 2 marks each.
  • Examination duration is one hour
  • Passing marks are 40%
  • First Attempt: Exam Fees for first attempt of every subject included in the course fees, the applicable guidelines of university for student category of the student applies.
  • Second attempt examination Fees (Per Subject): Indian Student INR 300/Foreign or NRI $45
  • Examination Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable
  • Students who have past due payments or any pending document as required by the university will not be allowed to give their examinations
  • Students who are enrolled under the Indian/Civilian category but wish to appear for the examinations abroad, will need to pay the examination fee of $45 per subject
  • Procter Based examination process for NRI/Foreign students
  • The university reserves the right to have subjective exams in future or combination of objective /subjective both and the necessary process would be communicated to the student in advance.
Month Of Admission Assignment Completion Last Date Exam Form Submission through Website Tentative Exam Month
May, June, July, Aug, Sept, (Oct with Late Fees of Rs. 500/-) 30th November 1st-25th December 15th-30thJan
Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, (April with Late Fees of Rs. 500/-) 30th May 1st-25th June 15th-30thJuly

The dates mentioned above for exams are tentative in nature and any changes in the same would be communicated to the students.

Eligibility for Exam:

  • No fees should be due before the examination
  • Completion of Assignments for all the subject with passing score as per the assignment deadline above.
  • It would be student’s responsibility to check the website for any new notifications made by the university.
  • The students would need to submit their semester based assignments through Learning Management System as per above dates as one of the eligibility criteria for exam purpose.
  • There are 2 assignments per subject and the scores for both assignments would be taken as per date above while computing the results for forth coming exams.
  • The concerned students who have got their Enrollment number (Example - EN715XXXXXXXX) would be eligible to to appear for the said exams subject to examination eligibility check based on the qualifying exam timeline status.

Exam Exceptions

There will be no exam exceptions at all for students.

Exam Results:

The results would be declared within 3 months from date of examination is conducted.

Project Guidelines

  • For programs with project work students are required to submit a soft copy of the project
  • The project should be industry related topic selection & finalization will be done by the institute
  • For project guidelines, please email: support@voussm.edu.in
  • Project evaluation charges are Rs. 300/- for Indian student/ for foreign and NRI students it is $25
  • The project should be done by the student and must be original. Plagiarism will not be accepted.

Mark Sheets & Certification

  • Once the student completes all the mandated assignments, examinations and projects (if applicable) the final mark sheet and certificate would be dispatched by the university.
  • The semester wise mark sheet would be issued by the university within 3 months from date of conduction of exams.
  • All pending payments/dues need to be cleared by the student, before the certification.
  • The student has to apply for certification once he/she has completed the full course wherein the student have to re-submit the mandatory documents like degree certificate/mark sheets etc of the qualifying exam which student had submitted at time of admission.

Other Fees:

Particulars For Indian Students in Rs. For Foreign /NRI Students
Duplicate ID Card 200 $25
Cost Per Additional Book 500 $25
Bonafide Letter 300 $25
Duplicate Certificate 500 $25
Duplicate Marksheet 300 $25
Transcripts 200 $25
Specialization Change Fees 2500 $250
Course Change Fees 2500 $250
Exam Re-Appearing Fees (per paper) 300 $45
Project Evaluation 300 $25
Cheque Bounced Charges 300
Validation Extention Fees (1 year) 5000 $500

How to reach University Support Services?

We have a dedicated Support team for all your exam related queries.You can write to us at support@voussm.edu.in or Call our Exam Support on +91 8055554406

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