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About School of Strategic Management

  • Venkateshwara’s School of Strategic Management offers Work Integrated Learning Programs which harnesses the Experiential Learning Pedagogy enabling every student to learn, practice and transform as a professional.
  • School of Strategic Management offers various WILP Programs in PG and UG; which are specially designed for young professionals seeking to up-skill and enhance the career prospects for a truly rewarding career.

What is a Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP) ?

  • Work Integrated Learning Program is a cutting edge pedagogical approach enriching a campus based program to be in sync with the dynamic industry requirements.
  • With the dynamic business world, the experiential learning pedagogy enables every learner to match the expectations of corporate world. The program strengthens fundamentals of the learner which includes the blend of experiential learning which would have access to the academic and industry mentors, assignments, case studies and work integrated activities.


  • This approach enriches the analytical capabilities of a learner as the students’ acquisition of knowledge would be tempered with and tamed by practical experiences. The student would be able to acquire a command over these major components of learning,
    • (i)  acquisition of talent and skill required for designing, devising and conducting practical/case/field studies
    • (ii) the intelligence to approach a subject critically and from a research-perspective.
  • Project work enables the learners to get real world understanding of business dynamism. It is important to note that practical/field studies would not be isolated as an independent papers of study. Both theory and practice are learned in a holistic manner.

Learning Methodology:

The Work Integrated Learning Programs have the following learning methodology, which is a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning component.

  • Comprehensive Study Material – Hard Copy of Books for every subject
  • Access to Learning Management System – Various Asynchronous Learning Components as below:

 E-Book – Module wise notes enabling the learner to get the thorough insights of topic

 Study Guide – Bullet Notes to get accustomed to the fundamentals of every module

 Practice Test – To gauge the understanding for every module

  • Access to Live Interactive Sessions for Major Subjects
  • Access to Archive Video in case students miss any of the live sessions.
  • Academic and Industry Mentorship
  • Digital Library

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