Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP) MBA - VOUSSM

MBA Programs

VOU offers 22+ Specializations with its MBA Degree Programs. Add a 2yr MBA qualification to your resume today.

3 reasons you need the MBA Advantage:

  • 2 year MBA Degree from VOU-School of Strategic Management
  • Access to Virtual Campus - Live Interactive Online Session
  • Digital Library - Lecture Series from reputed faculties explaining the topic in sync with the industry trends
  • Looking for your next Promotion?

    We understand how important an MBA Degree is for your next promotion or salary hike. That is why, VOU offers exclusive Work Integrated MBA Programs with 22+ specializations that are easier to take, self-paced, supported with an excellent LMS and will ultimately give you that extra edge. For those looking for a quicker way to climb up the Corporate Ladder, we offer exclusive Career Counselling.